Taking a Break

You can't do it all

 I know it is so easy to want to do all the things and be busy all the time. You make lists, on paper, in your phone and mental lists and you want to accomplish those tasks and goals. The more you add to your lists the busier you get and inevitably you become more stressed. Let me tell you the obvious. You CAN'T do it all. You think you can, but you can't. I know that Can't word is the worst! But hear me out.

But maybe you can

I am not going to tell you can't achieve all your goals, but I will tell you that you aren't going to go very far if you burn out from doing it all at once. Scale back your lists, take time to really focus on one  or two tasks at a time. Note! This is something I struggle with big time! I like to have 10 things going at once. When I do that though I tend to get overwhelmed and a whole lot of nothing gets done. When you scale yourself back you will find you accomplish more and will enjoy doing it.

Taking a break

One of the best ways to avoid this thing called burn out is to do this thing called TAKING A BREAK! I know it is hard to set things aside, take a step back and not work, but it is so worth it. Taking a break will allow you to refresh, relax your brain and find a new motivation.  Whenever I step back I feel more inspired than when I was in the midst of it. 

 The amount of time for a break can be whatever you need. Sometimes I take an hour break from working and I come back with fresh eyes and am ready to start again. Other times a day, week or season is more necessary. Last year I took the summer off to take care of Benjamin after surgery and to just relax, this year I took a month or so break from social media and I came back from both more ready than ever.  

So! Take some time to yourself to refresh and allow your brain and body a break. You will be so glad you did. 

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