Photos - Keeping It Cohesive


Keeping all your photos cohesive is really important. I'm not just talking about on your instagram feed. I am talking about across the board, your Website, Etsy, Ravelry, Shopify , Instagram, Facebook, etc. Say someone is on your Instagram and fall in love with your vibe and pictures, this drives them to check out your website. However they get there and you have a completely different look going on and your photos are a different style. Chances are they won't go any further. Why? Because what they fell in love with on one platform doesn't flow over on to your other ones. This is part of your branding, keeping all your photos cohesive.  


Here is a photo from an Etsy listing, it is bright, you can see the detail on the bonnets. The photo shows that I have color and size options. I usually try to use every available photo slide on Etsy, which is ten, so it allows for a variety of shots to be added.  ( I will do a post later about listing photography) 


Here is a photo from Instagram. It is a little more casual than my listing photo. There is a painting and a cup of tea along with the weaving I finished. This will fit my Instagram feed, but also my who photo style. It is bright, clean and features what I do. This one was taken with my phone and has a little more of a filter on it, but is still very on point with my other photos.  

2017-11-13 10.31.51 1.jpg

This image is one from my website. And like the others it features what I do, painting and plant raising, not to mention the plant sweater. Also it stays with my whole look, bright, clean and a slight filter. 

SO! If you don't already, work on keeping your photos cohesive, that way people can recognize you no what platform they see you on. 

sarah bronske