A Satisfying Social Media

Here we go again

 Oh Yay! Another blog post telling me how to be happy with what I'm posting. An article to tell me how to rake in all those authentic followers and likes! 


I am not here to tell you how to get your ideal follower, how to get them to engage, how to make people double tap as they scroll past so you can feel good about how many likes you got on your latest pic. "Then what are you here saying?" is maybe what you are thinking. Well! Let me tell you....

it isn't about you

"Huh? WHat do you mean? It is my pic, it is my invested time, it is my feelings that get hurt when @lovely_instagram_snob gets 152 more likes then me, and on her stupid picture of her stupid face hugging her stupid dog in stupid lighting." 

 Okay, maybe that isn't what you are thinking! lol But that is what we usually think when we get hung up in that social media trap. That is when we start feeling jealous, defeated and unliked. Let me tell you why you feel that way. It is because you are focused on you instead of others, not on what you can do for them, but what others can do for you.

Practice WHat you want

You want people to engage right? You want people to scroll down past the top 50 pictures to make it to you post, which the algorithm is hiding. You want them to come across your photo and double tap, you want them to actually read your caption and comment, answering your engaging question or relating to that funny thing your kid did. Well....... Do you do that? Do you scroll through your feed and honestly look at and engage with the posts you see? No? 

Why do you expect other to do what you don't bother to do yourself?

Stop checking your IG app every 30min to see how many more likes you got. Stop taking your phone out to see what others are doing on your feed and take that time and do something for the other people in your circle. Scroll, like and comment, make it about them. And to be honest it is so much more satisfying to go engage through my main feed and make friends that way, rather than waiting for them to come to my page and expect the world from them. You will find by taking that time and engaging with others you will feel much less tired of social media, you will start to ignore those stats a little more. Now, don't get me wrong, it isn't an easy thing, especially as a business using Instagram, to just completely ignore your engagement. But by doing this you will start to find yourself seeing how many likes you can spread on your feed rather that how many likes you get on your photo.  

Make the most of your time 

So take that 10min, 20min, 30min, hour, that you usually spend checking your stats, likes and engagement apps and actually be constructive with that time. Take that time and like what others are doing, you will feel less sucked in, more inspired and overall more satisfied with your social media experience.  

sarah bronske