It's Not A Race

Take your time and create quality.

But seriously! It isn't a race! I know that one person has released two patterns this month, like holy cow, that is a lot, and they have another coming out next week! You know what, that is okay, calm down. You need to have a system and schedule that works for you, not comparing it to what the next designer is doing or how fast their's are coming out. What you are creating may take more time to make, and you need to make sure that what you are working on has the quality it needs to make it stand out. 


Haste makes waste

Yeah, I know you have heard that saying before, but oh how true it is. One moment that quote really marks itself on was a family photo shoot. My camera batteries died part way through, but never fear I had more in my car, which was a field and gravel parking lot away. See where this is going? No? Well, I went sprinting to my car, the instant I made it to the gravel I thought "I should slow down, I'm gonna fall and really waste all that time" but did I slow down? Nahhh... Did I fall, shred my hand to pieces, hurt my pride and bash my camera lens? Why yes I did. (Insert crying, nervous laugh and eye rolling emoji's)

This of course can be applied to all things in life, especially for both writing and following patterns. I had one pattern I did years ago, rushed through it and ended up with a TON of people asking questions because I missed so many things in my haste. Another time I was trying to follow a pattern and hurried through missing a few things and ended up with a wonky product. SO! Take your time! You will be doing yourself a favor, I propmise.  


Take a Break

Leaving your work when you are at a loss or have hit a roadblock isn't going to hurt your timeline. Coming back to your work with fresh eyes and a clear mind it going to be a huge help to you and your work. I don't know how many times I have had to take a break and I am so grateful when I do.  

Your time is money, so spend wisely.

Another thing to keep in mind, as you are rushing around like a mad person, is that your time is valuable. There is no need to hurry up and do it all. This is something I struggle with. I have 20 ideas floating around in my head at one time, and I want to do them all right now! But let us be honest with ourselves, we can't do all the things right now, so take a little time to write your ideas down and when you have the time you can come back to them. You may also find when you come back to an idea that it no longer interest you or you may find it wan't a good idea after all. And no time was wasted realizing, you don't want to keep going, after you spent your valuable time half working on it.  

To sum it up....

Don't worry how fast others are going . Focus on you and the quality of your project. Haste really does make waste. Take a breather when you get stuck. Don't waste time working on 20 things at once, you will like less than half of what you do. You will be much happier when you stop acting like a crazy person, rushing around half prepared, half working, half distracted by others, with half of half ideas, thinking you need to do them all. You don't have that many halves, you may think you can do it, but you will just wear yourself out (believe me, I know). So slow down and take on the race slow but steady.  

sarah bronske