Writing Patterns

The Scary Part

Yikes! Writing a pattern for others to use is a little intimidating. A person will be trying to recreate something you came up with and poured hours into making. They will be critiquing your style, skill, the photos, how its written and then the final product. I don't like to disappoint people so writing a pattern for people to follow scares me a little bit, especially with me now getting into garments. What if they hate the way it looks on them or it doesn't work out right after they have spent hours upon hours making it. Ahhhh! The fear is real you guys. 

Learning as I went

I have always wrote my own patterns, mainly because I struggle to follow them. It was just a lot easier for me to come up with something on my own. My first ever pattern I shared was for these boot cuffs from like 7 years ago, then I re-wrote it about 5 years ago. I had NO idea what I was doing. I just wrote some instructions and posted it free on an old blog. I got so many question in the comments for things I missed and just general errors. But I did also get featured on a bunch of other blogs, which was cool. At the time though it wasn't something I was pursuing. Since then I have learned a lot and it shows in both my final products and in my written patterns. This leg warmer pattern though was a mess, but hey I learned a lot from it. How to write a better pattern and take better photos!  Speaking of pictures, I had these photos stolen and used in someone's Etsy, which made me a little upset, but after several times talking to her she took my photos down.  SIDE TANGENT: Don't steal peoples' photos, it isn't cool! That person put time, energy and real thought into their photos and work. Plus it is lying to your customers, because what you are showing isn't what you made or what they will be getting. So don't do it! Take your own pics or hire someone to take them for you! SIDE TANGENT OVER. lol 


Being Confident 

Being confident in your work is really important, because if you aren't why would anyone else be? Like I said before it can be a very daunting thing to release a pattern, but you have to push through all that fear and doubt and go for it. Now if you are doubting your work because you don't like it then maybe take a while to evaluate and think if you really want to release your work. I recently did that with a pattern. I made a mug rug and I thought I could make it work, and I could have gotten some traffic from releasing this free pattern, but the more I looked at it, the more I was unsure. So I decided because I wasn't confident in it, because I wasn't in love or excited about the pattern, not to post it.  It isn't always fun to make a decission like that, but I'd ratther save my energy for something I am crazy about! 

Slow and Steady 

I tend to be a little slow when writing a pattern. Usually because I want to make sure I haven't missed anything and I want it to be just right. Also because I have a busy life and pattern writing happens in my spare time. This spare time usually is in the evening after the kids go to bed, however that is also when I am sleepy and don't want to use all my brain power to do math, so a lot of times it gets pushed aside. But I'd rather take my time with a pattern than rush through it and have things missing or mistakes made, because as we all know, slow and steady wins the race. 


If you Love it Do it

In conclusion, pattern writing is a scary thing, but nothing I can't conquer! It isn't something I was very good at, it took a lot of frogging and writing and re-writing and I still don't always get it right. I always make what I want to, never because everyone else is, only what I know will make me happy in my craft. I take my time, create something I am proud of and I confidently share with the world. So if you love it, do it! Take your time if you need to and be bold in sharing it with others.  

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