Bear Ears

What really got me into crocheting

Well having a baby really did it and this bear/cutie is what started it all! My inspiration was her name, we call her Claire bear, so I thought she needed some bear ears to keep her sweet baby ears warm. I made her a little bear hood and it was so well received I decided to start selling them, and I am so glad I did!


I have made so many not very good hoods to get it perfect, and my kids have a bunch of hoods to prove all the struggle. Some with cowls that are too long, hoods that are too long or short, ears that were way too large or on sideways. But I now have something I am very proud of and am maybe a little attached to. (the pic of baby Claire above, is her in one of my first hoods.)


I smile every time I get a bear hood order, not because I just made a sale (okay, maybe partly because I made a sale, lol), but because I really love making them and seeing them on other little bears. I get giddy when people tag me in pictures or send me a msg with pictures of their babies wearing them.

Anyways! Not a particularly exciting post but the bear hood is what got me to where I am now, so I wanted to share.  :D