Claire Bear (Down Memory Lane)


July 21, 2014

Josh and I are so in love with our little girl, she brings us more and more joy every day.

I thought I would tell you how everything went and how things are going now. Last Monday morning I started feeling contractions, and through out the day they slowly got closer and closer together. So Josh and I went to the mall to go for a walk when they then started to go to about 5 to 7 min apart. Lol, Josh was a wreck! We got stuck in traffic on the way back home and he was freaking out thinking we might have the baby on the highway. : D We however did not have her on the highway! When we got home I called and they said to come in after one hour more of painful contractions that were 5min apart. Next thing I know I was in the hospital and moved to a room to deliver. Labor was pretty easy and I only had to push for half an hour. Then at 1:51am on Tuesday the 15th she was born weighing 7lbs 9oz. 20 inches long and in perfect health.

The nurses and doctor were great, the last nurse I had on Tuesday evening however was very hard to understand with her accent and she wasn’t very good at explaining things. Which did make me a little nervous being as we were talking about my newborn. We were told we could leave Tuesday night after they received the test results from the bilirubin test. So around eight we started to pack up, but then the nurse came in and informed us that Claire had Jaundice and we were going to have to stay the night. Tired and ready to go home we very unwillingly unpacked our stuff. Then 20min later the nurse comes back in saying we can go and just come back in the morning for another test. So we again packed our bags and went home. Which I am super thankful for!

The next two days had visits to the doctors for blood tests. They came back high (not good) and we were told she had to have home phototherapy done. Claire had to be put on this blue light for the next few days. Which was rough because she could only come out to feed and to have her diaper changed. Saturday we were told her numbers came down and she could come off the lights. The instant I was off the phone with the nurse Claire was in my arms! Josh and I then fought over who got to hold her. lol

Yesterday when the nurse came to pic up the phototherapy bed she took one last blood test. When she called me later with the results she informed me that her numbers jumped back up and that she was on her way over to put her back on the bed. : / So my poor little girl is still stuck on the bed, of which she is not very happy. Though neither are we because we have to keep the bed in one spot which is the family room. Which means we have to sleep on the futon. : P

We are hoping that a day more and she will be good enough to come off the lights, if not the nurse wants to try and limit the blood test to every other day, being as she has had her little feet prick all but one day of being here.

Learning what our daughter is like…

Hair color – Blonde, we thought for sure she would come out with Josh’s black hair or at least a dark brown.

Eyes- Muddy Blue

Sleep- She does a lot of it

When awake- She is usually a pretty happy girl when awake. Her eyes are open a lot and she is always looking around. She is also crazy strong! She already will lift her head and will hold it for a few seconds, she even has been trying to roll over when we change her.

I am really looking forward to watching her personality grow! She is truly an amazing little baby. : )


August 18, 2014

Tomorrow Claire will be 5 weeks old! It feels like just yesterday that she was born, but at the same time she has fit in so well seems like she has always been there. lol Everyday this little girl makes us fall more and more in love with her. She is crazy expressive with her little eyebrows and always is making faces, it is hard to not just sit and stare at her. A few smiles have emerged from her, though sometimes we have to wait to see if it is for real or just gas. She is crazy strong for being so little and is very active. Her arms, legs and neck are always moving around, it makes holding her a chore! Even at night and for naps I will have her swaddled nice and snug then when I go to check on her she is unwrapped and has wiggled herself across the crib!

I feel very blessed with Claire, she has been a very easy baby (knock on wood!). I have just moved her to her own room, mostly because Josh has a hard time sleeping with her making noises and with work he needs the sleep. Plus it is easier when I need to change her. I have been trying to establish naps, which is going pretty good, she will only cry for about five to ten minuets, with a few visits from me, before she falls asleep. I am not very good at making sure we have a schedule down, I get in the habit of every few days skipping a nap and just holding her. At night she has been having a stretch of sleep that lasts anywhere from five to seven hours! Last night we made it for eight hours! : D It has been amazing! When she is awake she is a happy baby, unless she wants something that is. She is funny though when being held, if she is asleep you can hold her any way you want. However when she is awake she pretty much demands that she is held upright, if she can’t look around she starts to fuss.

Feedings are going good. I am starting to take her off of the formula that we were giving her for the Jaundice and putting back on just the breast milk. Which I am glad for because it seems like the formula always gives her a little tummy ach. Plus it is super annoying to have to make up a bottle, breastfeeding is much easier and Claire likes it better.   

It is amazing how fast they grow! She has already grown too tall for some of her newborn clothes, sadly though the 0-3 month clothes are too big. She has an average weight, however she is measuring taller for her age. So her clothes will either fit her well except be too short or they will be the right length and falling off her shoulders because she hasn’t filled in there yet. No matter what though she looks cute in everything we put her in. : )


September 12, 2014

Anyone have a really gross baby story? Mine would be from a few nights ago. Claire was just about done eating when she started fussing, so I lifted her up to burp her when all of a sudden she vomits ALL over the place. The couch, all the pillows, my Ipad and she was soaked! The best part was though that it was so projectile that it went all over me, my chest, hair and IN MY MOUTH! : P The taste of vomit is always the worst, but I do not think it as bad as the taste of your child’s vomit in your mouth! Yuck, Yuck, YUCK! :/

We have also had a couple of diaper leaks, though that isn’t as bad. Once was when I tried to move Claire to the cloth diapers, however her legs were too skinny that she leaked past the legs. Joy… Back to the disposables we went, I can’t wait till she fills in more so I can use the cloth.

Sleep has been a hit and miss for her, we went a week of sleeping through the night, anywhere from 8 to 11 hours. This week though she has been waking up at about 4:30, and she is sitting in her crib talking away! Then she eventually gets upset and won’t calm down till she eats. Her naps are pretty good, she takes one in the morning for three hours and another in the late afternoon for two to three hours. Then when she is awake she is a pretty happy girl.

She is currently learning all the noises and sounds she can make, which makes for a chatty baby in the morning. She is also starting to grab and hold things, and once she has a grip on something good luck getting it back! She is starting to like toys too, she has a rattle bear and her squeaky giraffe (Sophie) that she loves, she smiles and gets all excited when we play with her.  

And now for pictures! I had about forty more than these, but I decided not to bombard everyone! ; ) So I narrowed it down to some of my favorites. (especially the very first and the last one!)


September 26, 2014

She is now 11lbs and 23.5 inches long. She is leaning that she can put her hands and other things into her mouth (joy!). Claire has also found that she loves to talk, sometimes she just lays there a babbles on to herself, though she really likes talking with Josh and I. : )


October 11, 2014

First off she is sleeping amazing through the night! Her naps however are few and far between. A few weeks ago she would take two 3 hour naps for me, now I am lucky if I get one full 2 hour nap. She otherwise will sleep here and there for 15 to 30 min.

She is eating like crazy, along with drooling a ton and being way more clingy. However, the cuteness outweighs all of the little annoying things. Her little voice and smiles melt my heart on a daily basis.


November 10, 2014

Little Claire is growing so fast! She will be 17 weeks tomorrow! She continues to sleep through the night, naps are rough but she is slowly getting back in the habit of normal nap times. She has been enjoying time on her tummy and thinks it is a great game to roll over every time I put her on her stomach. The other day she did roll from her back to her tummy though! She had me shocked, I don’t think she planned on rolling over, it just kinda happened.

Baby laughs, they are by far the cutest sound in the world! Claire will sometimes let one out when we kiss her cheek over and over, when we play peek-a-boo, or when Josh blows into her neck. She continues to generally be a happy girl, however she has had a bit of an attitude. The other day I set her in her crib so I could grab her outfit in the other room, well she didn’t like it so she squealed at me and smacked her feet rather hard on the mattress, then continued to glare and let out loud shouts. I have a feeling that this little girl is going to be very opinionated and vocal (which would be from her dad). Lol Drool, we have had a lot of drool! and everything goes in the mouth, from toys, clothes, blankets, her hands, our hands, pretty much anything she can get a hold of. It has mostly been her hands though because she is still learning how to pick stuff up and move them around. She has smacked herself in the face more than once or she gets too excited and tosses the toy way above her head.

And now for picture time! There are a lot because she was so happy and I had a hard time narrowing it down.


December 18, 2014

Claire is growing up so fast! Everyday she gets better at sitting up and she keeps thinking that she can stand but she really can’t. She talks a ton and when she does she shouts, she has been doing this thing where she grabs my shoulder with both hands, puts her mouth on it and screams. Why she does this, I have no idea! lol

Everyday it becomes easier and easier as she grows in personality and I am able to read her reactions and feelings to things. She is so cute with Josh too, the other day he came home and she was laying on my lap, he didn’t say a word but when she saw him she had the biggest smile! Josh used to be worried that she didn’t like him, but now that she is older and recognizing other people there is no doubt that she loves her daddy! : )



January 14, 2015

Everyday I am amazed at how much that this little girl is learning. Claire is right now trying her hardest to crawl but always ends up pushing herself backwards. She has also finally discovered her toes and is now always playing with them, which makes diaper changing a pain! We have also started solids, which she is a little unsure about. The first time we tried the oatmeal cereal she made the worst faces at it and everything went on her face, the bib, all up her arms and on me! the second time was the same thing but the third time was the charm, she kept opening her mouth and it all stayed in! Bananas though are another story….

I think one of my favorite things is how she takes everything is and studies stuff. Like right now she is in her saucer behind me staring at the tag on  a fabric part, she keeps passing it back and forth between fingers trying to figure it out. One of my least favorite things right now is she is so active but because she can’t move around on her own yet she is super needy. She wants to be entertained or carried around all time, which is a little annoying when I am trying to get stuff done. I am hoping that when she can crawl, explore and fetch her toys on her own that she won’t be quite so needy. She has also been extremely moody which I am thinking my be due to a little teething.

Being a mom has been so much fun though! I noticed yesterday when Josh’s mom took her, so I could get some stuff done, that I missed her terribly. Even though I was able to get a bunch of stuff done and didn’t have to worry about her I still was wanting her with me. But let me tell you I am like a machine when she isn’t at home or during naps, I am attacking the dishes or I try to get a few crocheting projects done. But I will admit that some things I dread so much that they end up sitting forever, like the laundry. Seriously though! Who really enjoys laundry? I don’t mind the loading and switching them from the machines, it’s the whole folding and putting them away that I cannot stand. So I maybe use the baby as an excuse not to do them, even though that could be a nap job. lol

Well it is almost nap time, so I now am off to put her down and clean a little, and maybe do a little or all of the laundry. ;P


Friday, January 23, 2015

Okay so I currently have this thing called cabin fever! Don’t get me wrong, being a stay at home mom is great, I love all the time I get to spend with my little Claire bear. However it drives me a little crazy, I talk in a high pitch voice all day and all I talk about is nonsense. I end up feeling bad for the people I do see through out the week, they end up having their poor ears talked off! I think starting my Etsy and taking pictures for a local studio about once a week helps my “cabin fever” though.  lol

This little girl has started to have sink bathes, which she loves! Nap times are driving me crazy, we seem to have problems figuring out a schedule. Yesterday she refused to take her morning nap, she was being a pill about it too. She hates being on her belly but that didn’t stop her from rolling on to it and then “forgetting” how to roll onto her back again. She then only took a 5 min nap on a drive to my friends house, then a 15 min nap on the way home. Thank goodness after half an hour of being home she took a nice 2 and a half hour nap. I have told her that one nap a day is not going to fly, we will see if she listens. ; )Talking, she cannot get enough of it., she just sits and blabs all day long. She also learned the other night how to spit. : / Her saucer and the floor was covered in my baby saliva. Gross….


February 22, 2015

I have a crazy child! She is always chatting up a storm and trying to explore. She isn’t quite crawling yet but she is pulling herself everywhere. { I wrote this draft a few days ago and well she is now crawling! : O  } She is now able to go from belly to sitting up! Thank goodness too! She would always fall over and then get mad that shouldn’t get back up. However the other night I woke up to her whimpering, so I went in to check on her and she was in the corner of her crib sitting up with her head bobbing up and down because she was falling asleep sitting up. lol I laid her back down but had to keep from laughing at so I didn’t disturb her.


March 19, 2015

We have a little explorer on our hands! Claire used to only crawl around my feet or at least near me, however now she is all over the house! Which, it is great that she is being brave, but less great for me, because I have to chase her all over the house. She is also climbing and standing up on everything, that results in a lot of tumbling and falling.

So far she has her two bottom teeth, and I think she is working on some more, which is no fun for any of us. We have decided that she has a crazy fast metabolism, because she is a huge eater! Where she puts all the food she eats I have no idea. lol Her favorite foods right now are bananas, sweet potatoes and little rice puffs.

She has been saying mama and dada a lot, mama when she is sad and dada when she is happy. : P Drives me crazy!

I have had to temporarily switch Claire to disposable diapers. I tried a new laundry detergent which she had a really bad reaction to. So I rewashed them with a detergent that my mom gave me to try, and again it flared up. So I am going back to the old way of doing things! Until then my child looks like she has no butt! lol

As far as being a mom goes, it has been crazy! I have been trying to do more art and crocheting but she makes that really hard to do. She likes to be played with all the time and if she wants me and I am doing things around the house she will whine, cry and crawl, following me around the house. Even though she is a ball of energy and a handful I love her dearly!


May 20, 2015

Claire is 10mo now and is growing not only in size but personality as well. She is always wanting to be the center of attention! If we are in a group of people and we stop talking or playing with her she starts to shout! 

She has four teeth so far and loves eating anything that is on dad or mom's plate. She hasn't started walking yet but she is very good at walking around and in between things. She loves to go outside, either for walks or to play in the dirt. 

We have recently found that she loves animals! When there is one around she will stop and stare or will squeal with excitement. We have decided we will find her a kitten then next year we will get a puppy to be her friend. 


July 26, 2015

Claire just turned One! It seems like just yesterday when she came into the world. We are so happy to have her in our lives. She can be quite the handful, especially because she loves to climb, play in water (even toilet water), and she just never runs short of energy. Sometimes she drives us crazy but then she smiles or laughs and then all the craziness melts away! : D  I love our little girl!



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