What is branding

Your Brand

Your brand is your businesses ambassador, your businesses face, its voice. (I'm sure you've heard it said) Your branding is what others say about you when you aren't in the room. When people see your website, social media accounts, product, etc, they should be able to immediately know who it belongs to based solely off of how it looks and how it makes them feel. 


Branding is an experience. 

 Branding is more than just the way your business looks, it is how it can make someone feel. Imagine this..... You order some tea (or coffee if that's what you drink) and you get brown box. Inside is your tea/coffee in a clear plastic bag with a business card. Meh. Yes it works, yes the business card has the logo on it, but it didn't connect with you. You don't really know who this business is, you don't know how you feel about this tea/coffee before you even dive in. 

 Now! Let's try this again! This time though you receive a white box with the logo printed on top (at this point I'm already more excited!). You slice through a little sage green sticker that has a mini logo on it, you open the box and inside is white tissue paper. On top of the paper lays a little green square that says " thank you for your order", flipping that over you find their social media accounts. Under that is another card that has brewing instructions and illustrations that match those in the logo. Moving all that to the side you see the tea/coffee inside a white bag covered in their brand's illustrations and logo, sealed with a sage green sticker.  

 Which box did you enjoy opening better? Personally I loved the white box company. It made me feel excited to get to the tea, it was like opening a present. I felt like the company cared about what they were sending me and how it would make me feel, not to say the other one didn't! The brown box tea company may be more passionate, but their branding, or lack of, didn't convey that care or passion to me.    

It is important to have good branding.

Why is it sooo important? Because, your brand has to talk for you, because you aren't able to sit inside of your business and all of it's platforms, or personally be in every box you send to your customers. That's quite the task, but if it is done right it can do the talking and so much more when you aren't there. 

Your business can have great Branding.

Making a great brand is honestly not as scary as it sounds! Sure it takes work and lots of care, but it is very doable, weather you plan on bringing in 100.00 a month or 1000.00 a day! Any and Every business out there can have a brand design that not only looks good but speaks to your future clients and customers. 

Let's make it happen.

My goal is to make the branding your business needs accessible, weather you are that tiny little starter business or are looking to give your growing business a face lift. I would love to chat with you about where you want your brand to take you and find the perfect fit for you and your business. This could mean setting you up for a mini brand, or a full custom branding or maybe even a pre-made brand kit. Shoot me an e-mail and we can set up your free consultation call! 

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