About The Person in the pic.

Hello, my name is Sarah, I am not a fan of writing about me pages. Mainly because I am terrible at writing. I prefer to express myself through my art, crocheting, knitting and photography.

 I am a wife, mom to two crazy kids, and owner of this little business. I learned to crochet when I was pretty young, from my mom! Then last year I taught myself to knit via YouTube, a lot of frogging and determination, and I think it has become my favorite over crocheting. But Shhhhhhhh...... don't tell my hooks I told you that. 

I have never been able to read patterns, and when I do it takes me a very, very, Very long time. So, I have almost since the beginning been creating my own designs.  This of course lead to writing patterns to share with all of you! 

I like nerdy things (even more now, thanks to my hubby), like Star Wars, Marvel and Lord of the Rings. I can never seem to find time to read, but when I do I love it. I enjoy tea, even though I usually have to microwave it through out my day. I love summer hikes, or anything outdoors. Oh.... and if you can't tell by any of my pictures, I kinda have a plant addiction. 

 I think that is about all I can come up with for right now! I usually think up more things when I'm posting on IG, where of course ( plug, plug, plug ) you can follow me and find out more about all the things. ;)